Friday, May 21, 2010

Fondue Night!

What is more fun than fondue for dinner? Seriously? And it is so cheap and easy to do at home with so many different options. This time around we did a little surf and turf and asparagus.

I marinated my steak all day and then cut into cubes. And then thawed, peeled and deveined some shrimp. Broke the ends off the asparagus. Made my dips. And let the fun begin.

I made a dill dip for the shrimp consisting of sour cream, fresh dill, capers with a bit of juice and lemon juice.

Dill Dip

For the steak I made a french onion dip. Sour cream, dry french onion soup mix, a little worch. sauce and merlot.

French Merlot Dip

Heat the oil in the fondue pot. Sizzle up your goodies, dip and enjoy!

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Fondue Recipes said...

This is really good fondue recipe. I actually like broth fondue better. I think it's a lot safer for my kids than the oil fondue. I have an 10-year old twin boys and an 8-year old adorable girl, who are big fans of fondues, too! We always have an amazing time whenever we're having fondue dinner.